Deworming  :    Deworming is very important in pets. For good health of your pets, deworm them regularly. Each pet has its own requirements and it is very important to consult and follow the vet advice. Puppy deworming requirements are very much different from Adult dogs or Senior dogs.  Cats deworming may be different from Dogs. Some dewormers are available in liquid and some are available in tablets. Choose what is best for you.  Some reputable brands for deworming are Bayer , Virbac, Cipla and Frontline.

Ticks and Fleas : One of the most popular subject is Ticks and Fleas in pets.

Many  pet owners are confused as how and when tick treatment should be done. Ticks are very common in summer. While effective and on time treatment is very necessary as pets may get infections, however not all pets require treatment.Treatment and prevention are two different aspects. Tick treatments often require vet supervision as sometimes , prescribing tablets may be necessary. However mostly an experienced pet owner may go for effective anti tick solutions 1 or 2 times a week depending on the tick infestation and continue till total freedom from ticks.

In many cases pet owners remove ticks with hand, this is absolutuely not right !!!!!  As it will hurt the pet and may cause infection to pet owners !!!  For prevention or maintenance a tick collar or tick powder may be used as necessary.  It is also recommended to put tick collars if the pet is sent to a boarding house. Some reputable brands for tick treatment are Frontline, Bayer and Himalaya.