Deworming  :    Deworming is very important in pets. For good health of your pets, deworm them regularly. Each pet has its own requirements and it is very important to consult and follow the vet advice. Puppy deworming requirements are very much different from Adult dogs or Senior dogs.  Cats deworming may be different from Dogs. Some dewormers are available in liquid and some are available in tablets. Choose what is best for you.  Some reputable brands for deworming are Bayer , Virbac, Cipla and Frontline.

Ticks and Fleas : One of the most popular subject is Ticks and Fleas in pets.

Many  pet owners are confused as how and when tick treatment should be done. Ticks are very common in summer. While effective and on time treatment is very necessary as pets may get infections, however not all pets require treatment.Treatment and prevention are two different aspects. Tick treatments often require vet supervision as sometimes , prescribing tablets may be necessary. However mostly an experienced pet owner may go for effective anti tick solutions 1 or 2 times a week depending on the tick infestation and continue till total freedom from ticks.

In many cases pet owners remove ticks with hand, this is absolutuely not right !!!!!  As it will hurt the pet and may cause infection to pet owners !!!  For prevention or maintenance a tick collar or tick powder may be used as necessary.  It is also recommended to put tick collars if the pet is sent to a boarding house. Some reputable brands for tick treatment are Frontline, Bayer and Himalaya.

Dog food :  While this is interesting and has vast options , two options are always simple  a. Dry dog food , b. Fresh food.  Dry dog food refers readymade dog food available such as Pedigree brand , Royal Canin brand and Brit brand. Fresh food refers to Meat , Vegetables and Rice. Each has its own advantages , for example Dry dog food is more balanced in terms of nutrition , growth  and offers convenience, while Fresh dog food is equally good in terms of growth and nutrition , but some pet owners do not prefer as it is more time taking and expensive.

If correctly choosen , a Dry dog food delivers excellent results and is less expensive than Fresh Meats. Premium  Dry dog foods such as Royal Canin or Brit have premium ingredients and do not require any additional fresh meat .

For all Dry dog foods , plenty of fresh water should always  be available !!

It is always advisable for Large and Giant Breed of Dogs to eat in steel bowls,  with height adjustable stand .


Small Animals Pets :

Rabbit :  If you offer me tasty treats once in a while and you take a good care of me, I will be happy to play with you and even learn some tricks. And I do not have to spend most of my time inside a cage at home - I also enjoy the fresh air. I live for 6 to 9 years.

What mustn't I eat!

Stone fruits, leek, potatoes, rhubarb and exotic fruits. I mustn’t eat mouldy food, unknown branches and herbs. I mustn’t eat treats with content of milk and milk derivatives.

How to tame me?

I am a sociable and intelligent animal and it is not difficult to win my favour. I can learn a lot of tricks, be cuddled, walk on a leash, jump over a hurdle or go to the toilet to a designated spot. When you speak to me, take gentle tone of voice and don’t make swift movements. I like to be praised aloud and encouraged. If you want to tame me and teach me some tricks, remember to use the treats. Use those which don’t burden my digestion and aren’t too caloric.

When you are carrying me, support me with your hand – never lift me up by my ears. Avoid stroking on my bottom, I don’t like that. Stroke me on my ears and back and then I get used to being in contact with you.

How should my home look like?

Because I need to move and exercise a lot, I must have a bigger cage, or, if I am outside, a wooden hutch, a water bottle, a stoneware bowl, a hay rack, a fruit tree branch to keep my teeth trim, a small house and a mineral cube. The cage should be spacious enough (100x50x50 cm), placed in a quiet part of the room. I don’t like direct sunlight and draughts.

When you let me out of the cage I should never move close to electrical cables.


Hamster :  It is true that I am quite a sleeper during the day because I am active in the evening and at night. However, when you win my favour by your patience and a good care, we will enjoy a lot of fun together! I live for 2 to 3 years.

What mustn't I eat!

I must never eat salty and sticky nuts. Don’t put printed paper or plastic items into my cage – I could eat them. I mustn’t eat mouldy food, unknown branches and herbs.

How to tame me?

I’m a loner so it’s quite difficult to win my favour – it takes time, patience and a lot of treats. Especially our females are usually very touchy when they are in rut. Speak to me, approach with your hand carefully and don’t make swift movements. Never wake me up – find out when I’m active and give me treats or food from your hand. After some time, I will go for them to your hand on my own. When I get used to your hand, you can start to lift me up slowly. Stroke me with your finger along the lay of the hair on my back, not on my head. I will start to trust you and after some time, I will play with you.

How should my home look like?

A plastic or wire cage, a small house for sleeping, material for sleeping as plain white paper, unprinted cardboard, hay or cotton cloths. A fruit tree branch to keep my teeth trim, a stoneware bowl, an exercise wheel with solid surface, without bars, so that I don’t get my feet caught in a grid, and a water bottle.


Guinea Pig : If I have enough energy thanks to good food and care, I am active all day. I usually spend my time in the cage but when we start trusting each other, I will enjoy cradling and discovering the cage’s surroundings. I live for 5 to 8 years.

What mustn't I eat!

Potatoes - they are poisonous for me, tomato stems, aubergines, leek, rhubarb, onion, exotic fruits. Because I’m prone to weight gain, my diet mustn’t contain too many sweets.

How to tame me?

I’m an intelligent animal which often makes loud sounds. You win my favour best with the help of treats and food. Be patient, approach me slowly and take gentle tone of your voice. Don’t make swift movements, they can frighten me. If you give me the treat repeatedly, I will get used to you and I won’t be afraid of you.

As soon as I trust you fully, you can take me out of the cage. Slowly slide your hand under my belly and support my bum with the other hand. I will thus associate your presence with a pleasant experience. Don’t stroke me on my bottom, I don’t like that. If you try to do it in a cage, I will run away nimbly from your hand.

How should my home look like?

A plastic or wire cage. I need to have a small house inside the cage, a stoneware bowl, a drinking basin, a hay rack, a fruit tree branch to keep my teeth trim. The cage mustn’t be exposed to draughts and direct sunshine. The cage shouldn’t be situated in a noisy place (TV, hi-fi).