Q. What products are available on naturalpet.in ?

A.  We sell world class brands for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Small Animals , Fish and Reptiles.


Q. How can i pay ? 

A. We accept  Credit Cards , Debit Cards , Amex, Net Banking and COD.


Q.  What is the order delivery time ?

A.  Deliveries take place between 1 - 7 days. 


Q.  How will i know the status of my order ?

A.   All customers will get an sms and an email after every order purchase.  There will also be auto updates by sms and email of order status.


Q.  What is the order cancellation policy ?

A.  All cancellations will have to be made before order shipping.


Q. What is the return/refund policy ?

A. Once an item is purchased on www.naturalpet.in , we do not accept returns. Returns are only accepted if an order is damaged before delivery takes place. In such cases , customer will be replaced wih brand new item at no additonal cost or can opt for refund.


Q. How will i know about new product launches or sale on www.naturalpet.in ?

A.  We email or sms customers from time to time about new product launches or sales .


Q.  I really like a product and would want to buy in large quantity , can i get any discounts ?

A.  For such requests , please contact info@naturalpet.in and we will review to issue a discount coupon .


Q. What is a hypoallergenic pet food ?

A.  Hypoallergenic pet food is made with limited and high quality ingredients. These foods are excellent in quality and provide high absorption for good health.  Hypoallergenic pet foods are free from corn , wheat and soya.


Q.  What are exotic meat proteins ? 

A.   Exotic meats are Lamb, Fish, Duck , Turkey and Pork.